About Us
With focus on trust and efficiency, aimed at building wealth and safeguarding the investment of our clients and to help them achieve their financial goals, we took our first step in June 2007.....the first step of a journey of thousands of miles of the SOUTHERN CAPITAL which is a partnership firm with K.A.SURESH and K.T.BALAN as joint partners. Southern Capital has a successful track record of acquiring and growing middle market businesses. Our motto is unbiased investment advice catering to the individual need of each client. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services which would help in the achievement of life’s financial goals all under one roof. We would like to be the lamp that lights thousands of lives, dispelling gloom and spreading happiness – the lamp that burns itself to help others!

Team Southern Capital:

K.T.Balan was formerly the Zonal Manager and the Associate Vice President of a pioneer national financial firm. He has more than two and a half decades of hands on experience in handling investment and financial products. He is currently handling the HNI segment of Southern Capital.


K.A.Suresh has been in the field as a financial advisor for more than 25 years. Formerly he was a senior Client Relationship Manager at a reputed investment firm. He is currently the head of retail segment of the Southern Capital.

Together we pack an experience of 50 years!

Having completed an amazing journey of 13 years of togetherness has brought out the very best in us. It has made us realise that although we are individuals, yet we are better off being together. We support and complement each other and together we ensure that the end product that we deliver is perfect for all our beloved clients.

Business Position And Growth Plan: In the course of 13 years, we have an asset of more than 600 clients to our credit. We manage investments for a wide range of institutional clients including non-profits, local government employees, associations, and even educational groups. The company is primarily focused on Investments & Insurance (Both life & Non Life). We strongly believe that each client needs a portfolio of investments that match their specifivc goals. So, our first priority is to cater to the individuals and their specific need.The forthcoming quarters would see more focus on specialization on “product specific teams & dedicated research back-up”. We aim at becoming a quality service provider in the field of “financial products and services” with a business model that is 100 
% ethical and thoroughly professional. We believe in compounding our customers’ personal good will and credit.